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International Campaign Day

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Den 30 september körs, på initiativ av några entusiaster i USA, en internationell kampanj-dag. Det går till så att organisatörerna skickar ut ett antal scenarion som ska spelas, och detta görs under ett dygn. Australien är först ut och de rapporterar in sina resultat, som sedan påverkar vad som ska spelas i Europa, vilket i sin tur påverkar kampanjen i USA.


Jag har anmält mig som "location leader", och kommer att posta information här i takt med att jag får den.



Boka datumet redan nu, så sätter vi Halmstad på Kings of Wars världskarta.

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kul sätt att fira födelsedag på är helt klart på

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Jag fick stora info-dokumentet om eventet mailat till mig idag. Jag ska sätta mig in i det hela, och postar information här löpande.


Vad jag vill veta redan nu är vilken faktion var och en tänker spela.

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Jag kan också rapportera om vilka andra som är med. Följande städer är anmälda som "locations".


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Clementi, Singapore

Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

London, UK

Nottingham, UK

Lincoln, UK

Halmstad, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Oslo, Normay

Vancouver, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Ramos Mejia, Argentina


Samt följande ställen i USA:

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota

Cleveland, Ohio

Roselle, Illinois

Rapid City, South Dakota

Omaha, Nebraska

Rexburg, Idaho

Wareham, Massachusetts

Eerie, Pennsylvania

Kirkland, Washington

Apringdale, Arkansas

Fort Worth, Texas

Abilene, Texas

Austin, Texas

Houston, Texas

Memphis, Tennessee

Redding, California

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Eventet är upplagt som "Good vs Evil". Jag kommer därför att välja armé efter vad ni andra kör, så att vi får jämna sidor.




Vi spelar fyra omgångar enligt nedanstående schema. Kan man inte vara med på alla matcher så är det helt ok, men säg då till i förväg så att jag kan planera deltagandet.


Kl 11:00 Match 1 - 1000 poäng - Specialscenario: Sneak attack

Kl 12:30 Match 2 - 1500 poäng

Kl 14:30 Match 3 - 2000 poäng - Specialscenario: Reverse loot

Kl 17:00 Match 4 - 1500 poäng - Specialscenario: Assault on the Obelisk


Det är viktigt att vi håller tiderna, eftersom resultaten ska rapporteras in och synkas med resten av världen.

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Thunderclouds hammer their way across the blackened skies throwing down their cacophonous drumbeats as flashes of cloven flame cleave the broken air in worrying hues of crimson and violet. In between these crashes from the forlorn heavens there can be heard the sorrowful cries of pitiful souls and the whip crack of guttural Abyssal tongues screeching their infernal orders to those slaves languishing under their lashes. These mortal lives are cheap and speed is far more important than preservation of their wards and so the whips and blades fall with feral accuracy, culling those who were too weak to carry on their burdens. No rest is given and no sustenance provided to those toiling beneath their masters’ whips, for they are many and it is easier to work one frail mortal to death before taking another to fill the gaps of where their fellows have collapsed under the burden.

It is unclear what they are building, none dare raise their eyes long enough to examine the fruits of their labors, and those who do rarely live to describe it to others.

Standing some distance away, an armored figure towers over the bent forms of Abyssal sycophants scrambling to try and please their master. Each twisted creature dreading and yearning for the dark clad being’s attentions. Urz’Rael surveys the work of his architects with an impatient gaze.

“Why is it not yet finished?” He demands in a voice that rivals the yawning thunder above. “The Abyss yawns wider and demands our attention and my Shining twin remains hidden away behind city walls and we are delayed by ineptitude and pitiful excuses!” A mailed fist lashes out to strike the closest being, a cowering succubus, across her jaw and snaps her head around in a sickening crunch before she collapses into a limp pile at the deity’s feet.

Urz’Rael takes a few shuddering breaths to calm his anger, he then turns to face the hulking figure of an Archfiend who is wisely standing out of arm's reach from his master’s fatal temper. Despite their size difference, the massive fiend flinches when his master speaks.

“Well, Fyriel? Why does my obelisk still lie unfinished upon these forsaken ruins?” Urz’Rael speaks, but the Archfiend knows better than to respond with any excuse. His master is in a violent mood and there is nothing, he knows, that will abate the mounting rage.

“My twin sits somewhere in the forsaken cities of Basilea, building his strength behind walls that continue to defy me even as the rest of their blasted lands crumbles before the onrushing Abyss. My brothers in that pit have accomplished more from their infernal prisons than I have been able to do with my freedom! All because my obelisk is being built by ingracious cretons incapable of showing haste. If we dither any longer all hope of gaining power in this campaign will be lost and we will be left adrift in this petulant little kingdom I’ve carved out here for us!” At this the Archfiend Fyriel, perhaps unwisely, decides to speak.

“But Master, I do not understand. Why does this obelisk accomplish? Why must you have it? Why are we not taking our forces and tearing the walls of Basilea into the dust?” Urz’Rael grows quiet at his subordinate’s questions, his fists clenching in an effort to control his already tumultuous rage.

“A deity is given only so much power as those who worship or fear it will grant.” The armored figure speaks slowly and Fyriel knows that he has made a mistake in voicing his doubts aloud. Slowly, he begins to back away.

“This obelisk is one way of anchoring me to this world so that I may gain power from it. Not all of the Godstone pieces were gathered together for our rebirth, and this edifice will call out to those remaining pieces, drawing them to me so that I may absorb them and become even stronger than before. Beyond that,” Urz’Rael raises a finger to point at the retreating Archfiend, “the obelisk is connected directly to the Abyssal powers below which are even now surging forward to claim the world of Mantica. Once this tower is complete it will cause the rift to the east to expand outwards, swallowing whole kingdoms and populations in its wake. We must be the instruments to bring about this calamity, and yet we sit here and dawdle!”

“But, my lord! We are nearly complete! Our slavemasters declare that we will place the final stone before the week is out if there are no intrusions…” Fyriel begins to speak but is cut off as his master sneers back at him.

“That is not good enough!” He rages. “Push the slaves harder and get it constructed faster. There is no time for rest! Gather what forces we have rallied to our banner that are not needed for construction and I will renew the battery against the Basilean stronghold where my twin resides. His defeat will make our victory all the sweeter! Go now!” Urz’Rael pushes Fyriel away and the Archfiend hesitates for only a moment before spreading his wings and taking to the skies. Urz’Rael watches him go, his anger radiating off of him in waves of pure hatred as he bends his mind to the prospect of his twin, Cathius, and his coming demise.

Meanwhile, some way off from where this exchange took place three hooded figures, each not much larger than a child, press themselves even closer to the ground and stalk away through the groaning throng of slaves and the whips of their drivers. The figures do not dare speak lest they be discovered, and their small frames allow them to move undetected as they slowly make their way towards the Basilean fortress.

It is only when they are within the shadow of the Basilean stronghold that they finally remove their hoods and stare upwards, whistling a complex tune that carries across the deceptively quiet night air. It is contested by another, equally complex whistle and a small door opens at the base of the thick wooden gate. The three halflings glance nervously behind them as they move quickly inside the walls, eager to divulge what they have learned to the Shining One residing within the keep. This dire news that has the potential to tip the fate of Mantica as it lays perilously close to the Edge of the Abyss.

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Det verkar som om jag inte hinner komma innan kl 12.00, så jag missar tyvärr första matchen. :(

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