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Blood In The Badlands Fluff Tråd!!!

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detta är tänkt som tråden där vi lägger upp fluff bakgrund samt fluff för efter matcher.

förhoppningsvis kommer ju detta läggas upp löpande och på så vis skapa en liten kronologisk berättelse i denna tråden:)


deadline för karaktärs fluff (annars strykning från kampanjen) är söndagen den 8 juli 23:59 (dvs om en vecka)


tänk på när ni skriver att det gäller seriöst fluff, dvs namn och bakgrund är något som kan tänkas förekomma i warhammer världen. en chaos lord eller en alv som heter 'nisse den starke' etc är inget godtagbart. vi ska försöka hålla det på en "seriös" nivå, dock självklart ska vi ha det skoj ,trevligt och ha en spännande tid framför oss:)

summan av kademumman kan det sägas att nyckelordet är: ROLLSPEL:)


mvh pehr och esel:)

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King Nekhadizzar II

In a time long past King Nekhadizzar II suffered the attention of the Archimancer Fozzrik, now called Fozzrik the Thief in the kings court. The Thief heard of the once great land in the south that held many riches, both mundane and arcane, and he managed to successfully raid the kings tomb in the long dead city of Hatwaset. King Nekhadizzar II has searched for his lost treasures for centuries, but has only recently located the whereabouts of the Flying Fastness that contains his lost belongings. Now the king will stop at nothing to reclaim what rightfully belongs to him, and woe be upon those that defy the king's wrath.


High Priest Inutep the Diviner

It was thanks to the long and arduous work of the king's high priest that Fozzrik's Flying Fastness was located. For centuries Inutep the Diviner has been the kings most trusted advisor, and responsible for locating all the king's lost treasures. Inutep has consulted the gods, interrogated captives and used human agents for this very task. At long last he has discovered that Fozzrik's Flying Fastness has returned to the Badlands where a large portion of the kings lost treasures are stored.


Necrotect Khephri the Stone-hearted

When rumour reached Khephri the Stone-hearted that Fozzrik's Flying Fastness was found he asked to join King Nekhadizzar II in his quest to claim it. The necrotect offered to aid the king by granting him access his vast collection of constructs. Khephri has long been interested in unravelling the secret of creating levitating architecture. With this ability he would create the most marvellous and awe-inspiring monuments the world has ever seen. Surely this would please the gods greatly (and put all other necrotects to shame).

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Hero of Legend: Xlanaxkor Itz’coatl


Chosen to fulfill his part of the Old One’s plans, Old-blood Itz’coatl seek the legendary artifacts and mystical gear of war lost during the battle against dark elves at Tlaxtlan - city of the moon - 1492. Rumors amongst the captured and shortly thereafter sacrificed dark elf prisoners indicated Zec-thieves amongst the untamed ones which had been blessed freedom to visit the city. Slann Mage-Priest Teccitec contemplated about this a whole season, of which when he concluded the rumors might hold an essence of truth, the visitors lead by Marcus Colombo had already set sail back.

With the latest readings of prophecies, the pieces of lost armor Kai’Qu and items of great importance of the lesser races have been located to an area of Badlands, where it appears the location shifts as in flight. With renewed possession, it is believed the war against Xlanax-daemons could be tilted in favor of the Slann.

Embarking a vessel and by direct order of the ancient Slann who still reign deep in the temple, Itz’coatl was by the priests of Tlaxtlan bestowed the Boq’Quagor, a weapon of such vast mythical and apocalyptic proportions, he now have possession of the greatest weapon known by his lizard kin.


Hero of Legend/Supreme general: Xla’Ata’kha


The floating Pyramid of Lustria is a wonder the Old Ones left behind. The Slanns have since tried recreating the flow of energies of which causes it to attain flight unaided by external attention without success. The sheer mass limit the use of bound arcane powers and would be better spent at arcane wards.

Following the predictions of the precise location of the lost war gear from Tlaxtlan, the untamed races of the new continent managed to invert mass in such a way a whole building capable of floating with treasures of mundane and arcane nature resides inside is now hovering an area of Badlands.

Slann mage-priest Xla’Ata’kha, protector of Wisdom and Light, is determined in his belief that possession and close investigation of this construction now called Chuq-Kor is the key to regain the lost knowledge.  Entire Lizardmen cities would elevate in case of extraordinary danger, and the construction of more floating pyramids in order to transport entire armies would be possible. The first step would be to eradicate the dark elves cities residing in the Lustrian continent.

By denying this fountain of knowledge to the lesser races, the Old one’s plans will be restored and the fight against Daemons of Chaos is foreseen to tip the scale to be won, saving the world from this peril.


Hero of Legend: Kro-kha


The prophecy also mentioned the lesser races sending their leaders to find Chuq-Kor, the floating building, in which reside a powerful necronomicom - able to end life as well as bringing it back. An item the Slanns could not endure in the hands of darkness or weakness of the Untamed Ones and must be obtained at all costs.

Awakened from his sleep, Kro-kha’s remains was carried forth in the need of locating the building. Being a third generation Slann Mage-Priest, his cunning was beyond questioning and ability to raise and command massive legions of Saurus warriors would sweep away everything in his path.

Kro-kha is revered due to his ability to enter the mind of any creature, separating its very soul from the earthly body. His entire life, and even beyond, has been spent preparing to resurrect his master and mentor, Slann Mage-Priest Lord Kroak. This would finally be possible, which would bring the Lizardmen back the power to push back the dark energies of Chaos.


Bonus: Tehetli


The floating Pyramid have one engine of the gods still working inside. Contemplating the correct amount of ritual sacrifices in order power up the never ending rotation of the device, skink priest Tehetli activated a vortex which had the ability to teleport instantly physical details and lost his favorite ceremonial feather forever. However by many mistakes of repossession (to this day many a feather has been lost), a portal to another engine was established. In the recent events, said engine was mounted upon one of the ancient stegadons and Tehetli ordered to join forces with the advancing Lizardmen armies, providing a never ending stream of warriors to the fields of battle.


Bonus: Ximnichuq


Servitor in the great temple of Kro-kha’s resting place, Ximnichuq have been ambushed by his tribe for almost a year now. Always luring him to eat and picking away a majestically painted feather, being awakened suddenly by a tickling sensation only to find another feather. Why couldn’t they leave him to his priestal duties (although he never ever saw one placing a feather in a place the light never shine) was his last thought moments before he was summoned to bring forth the remains of Kro-kha in order to resurrect and follow him to the death and beyond. At least the feathers would prove useful for him; a cloak of feathers would make him hard to spot, only he remembers to make a dramatic loud shriek to blend in.

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Lord Ravn Stormhand the herald of Tzeentch

The long ships of Ravn Stormhand have set sail from the shores of Norsca, their destination the Badlands of the south. What he hopes to find there is a great prize a great offering to the changer of ways the master of fate. Granted to him in a vision by his master himself he has seen the flying fortress an awe-inspiring sight and with it he could change the world in the name of Tzeentch. But like everything connected to chaos especially the changer of ways his quest is dangerous and this could just be another trick constructed by the diabolical and twisted mind of a god.


Ulskir the spell thief

For six hundred years Ulskir a deamon prince of Tzeentch wreaked havoc on the world with a twisted mind and stolen magic. All of this stopped when he tried to trick Ravn Stormhand and he himself was tricked by the chaos lord and bound to him for a hundred years. Eighty-eight years have passed since that damned day and Ulskir is counting the day until he can rip out the insides of his hated master. Until his day of freedom he must grant his master valuable advice and help him in matters of war and everything else that Ravn demands of him.


Argan the blooded

How Argan the blooded and his warband found their way into Ravn Stormborns service he cannot remember for all his thoughts are of battle and blood to please his master Khorne the blood god. All that matters for Argan is bloodshed and death so as long as Ravn give him these things he is loyal.

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When word of Fozzrik's Flying Fastness reached the great island continent of Ulthuan there was at once put together a crisis-council. These were the great leaders of the Asur and representatives of all regions on the Island. Lead by the Pheonix King himself, the council debated what was to be done about this blasphemous construction. The debating took several weeks, for if there is one thing the Asur love; it is politics and intrigue.


Finally they reached a conclussion. Three great leaders were to be sent to the "Badlands", as the lesser races have so crudely named it, to seize the floating castle and dispel the arcane enchantments that make it such a threat to the great Island.


The Illustrious Prince Aellon of Caledor, Daemon Slayer, Dragon Warrior, Lance of the Asur


Prince Aellon was the first to propose the expedition to the Badlands and swath aside the lesser races to seize the fortress. He is a great warrior, fated for great things and this, he believes, will be the stepping stone to his true destiny; the Pheonix Crown of Ulthuan. Though much peril lies in his way he is certain that he will prevail as he has done so many times before, and atop his Majestic Dragon Dovah, nothing can stand in his way.


Cael'evar the Wise, Keeper of the Book, the Dragons Sage


Cael'evar was taught and schooled in the fine halls of the Tower of Hoeth, the most prestigous institute of arcane knowledge in Ulthuan, and likely, the entire world. He controls the winds like few elves alive and he alone has been bestowed upon, the title and duty of Keeper of the Book. This only amplifies Cael'evar's abilities, making him even more potent.

He is sure that he can dispel the wards and enchantments of the crude man-created fortress with ease, and so he was sent to the Badlands with Prince Aellon to aid him both at the war-table and the battlefield.


Alpharian of the Great House Rilynn-Anith, Great Court of Eataine


Alpharian is little more than a pawn in the intrigues of the houses of Ulthuan. His father has much influence in the politics of Ulthuan, but he desire more, and therefore he sent his son to be captain under Aellon himself. This would ensure that his house gained the respect of the Phenoix King and other courts around Ulthuan, and maybe someday, a member of his house would ascend the throne of Ulthuan.

Alpharian had little to say, he was sent off to the badlands as a Captain to strengthen his fathers political position and, as a loyal son, he will do his duty to his house and his land.

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Runa the Heavenly


After her father died by the hands of darkelfs she took control over the tribe with shock and awe.

Seeking daemonhood is a hard and long road, finding Fozzrik's Flying Fastness might be enough for the dark gods to grant her wishes.

If not she will be rich and have powerful trinkets to reach her goal.




Bergthora the Dark


Being the younger sister to Runa made her a rebellious girl in her younger days and thus earned her the title of the Dark.

She is as strong as her sister but lack the commanding precense of Runa but her tribe is strong non the less.

With the news of Fozzrik's Flying Fastness she has banded together with her sister to seek out the treasures within.




Halfdan the Fat


Halfdan was found by Runa after his own tribe was destroyed by raiding beastmen and barely escaped.

Halfdan has sworn his loyalty after getting rescued from frenzied trolls by Runa.

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Karlich Stahler. (General)

Years ago when Karlich was still young he met a girl named Isabella. Both fell in love at first sight. Though they both hade to walk different paths, she being a wizard(This did Karlich know of.) and he was to join the ranks of state troops. But during these years apart they still stayed in contact by writing letter to each other. When Karlich finally manage to become a general through great deeds and faithful service, he immediately asked Isabellas father for her hand thinking he alredy proven himself. Isabellas father was very stubborn to give away his only daughter but finaly he gave away, on one condition, karlich hade to take the flying fastness to prove himself worthy to marry Isabella. And so he mobilized whatever troops he could muster and started to march to the Badlands. For Ulric, For The Emperor And For Isabella.


Benjamin Stearn.(Lieutenant)

As soon as Volkmar heard that Fossriks Flying fastness had been sigthed moving towards the badlands he order one of his Arch-lectors to retrive a lost relic belonging to sigmar. Though Volkmar couldn't leave his important work, he hade strong faith in both sigmar and Benjamin that he will succeed.


Isabella The Enlighted.(Lieutenant)

When the news about Fozzriks Flying Fastness moving towards the badlands, the supreme leader over the light order was quick in mobilizing the troops loyal to the order. For in the Flying Fastness lies a lost relic that in wrong hands could spell the doom of the old world. This could not happen, therefore he sent on of his best wizards to retrive it. Thankfully the emperor supported this action and sent several wizards from the other orders and several regements to aid them, even the fearfull demigryph knights was mobilized to help Isabella in her quest to retrive the lost crown of Arkzan.

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Demi-god Tz’arkan


Known by cultist as: Dhaqhayshneth (Supreme god), Lethkhaosek (Creator of Paradise), Azyrekneth ( Lord of Heaven), Shyish´phakqhayshneth (Destroyer of existence), I’qhayshkhaos (Chaos incarnate)

Also known as: Despoiler of Ironfrost, Pandemonium, Angel of Chaos, Avatar of the Unspeakble Beast


Of the many denizens of the Realm of Chaos, almost none are as twisted and sinister as the demi-god known as Tz’arkan. Being a demi-god of Chaos Undivided Tz’arkan exists in the very depths of the Realm of Chaos, beyond the eternal diversity of the Four Greater Powers of Chaos. Tz’arkan usually does not walk the mortal plains as often as other creatures of the warp, since it finds the mortal world impure and filled with weak material inhabitants. This is just half of the truth however. Since Tz’arkan is a demi-god the warp energy to sustain sutch creature has to be quite strong and is therefore a very rare event. This is something Tz’arkan dont like to accept and its disgust towards the material world increases even more.


According to Tz’arkan the mortal world of the Old Ones are a weak and feebel realm, and needs a new order that only Chaos can bring. Since Tz’arkan is a spirit of pure Chaos it sees itself as one of the rightfull agents of Chaos to achive this goal since its draws powers from all aspects of Chaos.


Through out history Tz’arkan has only manifest in the mortal world a very few times. The first time was with the Great Incursion when the portal of the Old Ones collapsed year -5600. With the power of a god Tz’arkan enjoyed the freedom of dominating the, in its eyes, weak and fragile creatures of the Old Ones. But when the elfs of Ulthuan managed to banish Tz’arkan and its fellow daemons back to the Realm of Chaos, was the starting point of Tz’arkans hate and detest aginst the mortals. How weak and ignorant creatures could stop the power of gods was beyond Tz’arkans comprehension.


In the year 800 Tz’arkan managed to gain enough power to manifest itself again, and with a vast legion of daemons it marched against the Ironfrost glacier in Naggaroth. There it lead an assult againgst the altar of Ultimate Darkness and used the altars power to make a bridge to the Realm of Chaos. All in a attempt to make a gigantic crusade against the vortex on Ulthuan and unleash another Great Incursion. But Tz’arkan was defeated by the dark elfes and was banished once more back to the abyss of the Realm of Chaos where it came from.


Since then Tz’arkan has been rarly walking the earth, and has mostly been watching the mortal world from the Realm of Chaos. Its gaze watching and seeking for a new way to crush the mortal world that it hate so much.


As the centruies past Tz’arkan gained a few cults that worship the demi-god, in their own twisted ways, as a savior that will free them from the mortal world of impurity. As much as Tz’arkan abhor the mortals it still enjoys the fact that few of them, according to Tz’arkan knows their place in the universe as servents. These cults are rare and useally operates in small groups within larger cults of the Four Greater Powers.


The reapperance of Fozzrik's Flying Fastness in the badlands, has captured Tz’arkans attention. The Fastness reaks with magic power just like the altar of Ultimate Darkness, but has even the power to move across the skies. Using the Fastness as an anchor to the Realm of Chaos and placing it directly over the vortex of Ulthuan, would crush any feebel attempt to banish the daemons back to the warp. The vortex would be an annihilated in a few hours and Tz’arkan would be free to roam the mortal world once more as a supreme god. Seeing a golden opportunity to final achive its dark goals, Tz’arkan has used what power it has gained through the years to crawl back from the dark dephts of the warp.


Being a spirit of Chaos Undivided Tz’arkans form varies alot when it walks the mortal plains since it draws its powers from all aspects of Chaos. But its favorit form is an angelic being with three pair of swanlike wings on it back, dressed in finest silk robes and a heavenly glow around its apperance. Gliding silently across the battlefield, not wanting to touch the filthy ground of the mortals, the sky around Tz’arkan warps and creates an divine aura from above filled with songs from daemonic chorus singing to the glory of Tz’arkan. A form fit for a master, ruler and god.



Dhaoskhaaqsh (Daemon of death), the Soulreaper, Butcher of Middenland, the Right hand of Tz’arkan, the Blood General


The soulreaper is a much feared herald of Khorne that rarly wanders south of the polar gate. But when it does, extreme vilolence follows its wake. The Soulreaper had been undefeated in battle but when the invasion known as the Storm of Chaos began the daemon followed south to lay sige agains the sacred city of Middleheim. There it was for the first time deafeted and destroyed by the lightwizard Isabella the Enlighted. Filled with rage and hatred of its defeat the Soulreaper, swor to extract vengence againts the lightwizard. But the powers of the lightspell that had banished it from the mortal world had weakend the daemon so much that it had problems to manifest again.


Knowing that one of the mortals trying to claim the Fastness in the badlands is the lightwizard that banished the Soulreaper, Tz’arkan used its immense powers to help the Soulreaper to manifest in the mortal world again. The oppertunity to use the extreme rage filled hatred the Soulreaper has againts Tz’arkans foolish rivals was to good to pass. To make matters worse, in the process of helping the Soulrepar to manifest Tz’arkan has poured more power into the herald making him even more dangerous than before. In return the Soulreaper swor to obey Tz’arkans every wish, and gained the position of general of Tz’arkans legions. Now this unholy alliance between demi-god and herald march south to the badlands and terror will surly follow.



I’aqshyazyr (Skyfire), the Eternal trickster, the Mad flame, Paradox


Even when many of the daemons of Tzeentch are creatures of arcane weirdness, this herald of Tzeentch is often shun even by its own kin for being unreliable. Its action are to many of its foes, and allies, absurd and paradoxical. Countless battles the Trickster has been soly responisble for the banishment of its own daemon kins, being a spell that was cast on its own troops or that the Trickster got bored and left the battle leaving its army behind. The Trickters behavior is to complex for even most immortal minds to comprehend.


Some of the mortal worshipers of Tzeentch sees the Trickster as an wonderful example of the great architects plans, but others just believes the Trickster madness amuses Tzeentch when it creates havoc even amongs the daemons in the Realm of Chaos.


A year before Tz’arkan and its raging general known as Soulreaper decided to march south to the badlands, the demi-god captured the Trickster and bound it to the its will. Tz’arkan then cast the mad daemon like a multicolored comet through the Realm of Chaos, and made it crash in the badlands, realising the Trickster among the mortals to cause as much havoc and misery as possible before the main invasion of the badlands beginns.

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Adritáll The Scaleborn


Just after the moment he were born the elves of Athel Loren already knew Adritáll wasn’t just any regular elf, being born with greenish scales like that of a forest dragon made sure of that.

Even after the scales had been removed with advanced and difficult magic they could still sense a strong soothing aura emitting to the vicinity of the child, calming wood and elf alike.

Shortly after reaching his adulthood Adritáll vanishes into the deepest depths of Athel Loren and is not seen again until more than a century later.

And when he finally returned he did not do so alone…

Riding a might forest dragon and wielding long lost relics he has now become one of the woodland realms greatest defenders and due to his now incredibly strong aura he has practically been declared a saint of the forest.

Now sent to the Badlands to lead the campaign by King and Queen, he is as determined as ever to complete their wishes and bring about a flourishing future for Athel Loren.



Spellweaver Drovádor


Drovádor is one of the many spellweavers that spend their time scrying the future for threats against their great forest home of Athel Loren.

One full moon night a very usual scrying gave Drovádor some very unusual images, using

his trained mind it didn’t take him long to decipher their meaning.

At the end of the coming year the great flying fastness of Fozzrik would come to land in the badlands and if this great fortress of wonders were to make it to the wrong hands the death

of Athel Loren would be as inevitable as the going of time.

However, this was not all Drovádor saw.

If the Forest Realm of Athel Loren itself were able to claim the fastness the Forest of Athel Loren would grow beyond its borders, the vengeful spites and trees would be calmed and the forest and

it’s inhabitants would be renewed as magical life were too rush between the old trees and their roots.

Following his scrying Drovádor quickly sent word to Queen Ariel and shortly after the threat and possibilities became evident to her all of Athel Loren started preparing for the crusade into the Badlands.

A crusade that were unlike anything ever witnessed before in wood elf history.



Aoudduníl The Lush



Aoudduníl The Lush is no other than the master gardener of the worlds most beautiful garden The Bloom wood.

The Bloom wood is highly magical and contains all four season of the year, yet it is incredibly vast, stretching further than even the most sharp-eyed elf can see.

Though its extreme size should make it easy to find, few get to see the wonders of the garden since it’s always changing position inside of Athel Loren.

By ignoring the natural laws of the world the garden can also be much smaller when seen from the outside and most of the time it doesn’t even look like the garden itself,

it might very well be disguised as a bunch of tightly stacked young oaks seemingly impossible to walk between.

Having been the master gardener for thousands of years has brought on obsession for perfection upon Aoudduníl’s mind.

Never satisfied he is always looking for ways to perfect his garden when he is not tending for it, now word of the flying fastness has reached him.

Seeing wondrous possibilities within his mind he quickly offered to take place in the crusade but he had demands…

If the crusade proves successful the flying fastness has to be brought to the Bloom Wood in which Aoudduníl thinks it will help add to the always increasing perfection of his beautiful garden.

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Month 1


Tz’arkan had finaly reached the badlands with its legions of daemons. Waiting for them was the old ruins in the far east of the badlands that was used as a Chaos temple for the devotees of Tz’arkan. Seeing Tz’arkan as their savior they had named the temple Khaosek, meaning Paradise, as it will act as a stronghold for the daemons during the war for the Fastness.


As the preperations for the war that was about to begin went on, a devestating setback occured. While being in a deep trance to communicated with the undead allies in the west, because the high priest of the long dead wanted more information about the lost treasures of the king, Tz’arkan lost for a brief moment controll of the Trickster. As madness once more struck the daemon, it got bored and left the region it was suppose to corrupt, resulting the area to fall to the enemies of Chaos.


Tz’arkans wrath was beyond mortal comprehension and it shocked the very foundation of the earth making the mine where the cultist worked for the daemons to collaps killing them all in the process. The god send its herald, the Soulreaper to capture the Trickster once more and made it deal with the peasent army gathering in the west as a punishment for going against the will of Tz’arkan. As a further punishment the Tricksters host of horrors was held back at the temple, instead Tz’arkan send the daemonettes know as “Tz’arkans handmaidens” to keep an close eye on the Trickster.



In the beginning of the battle the daemons was filled with eager to maim and kill the foolish peasent that dared to stand in the way of Chaos. But the Tricksters lack of logic struck once more and it unleashed the bloodthirty legions of bloodletters to a trap making the Khorne daemons to be banished in a single charge. As the battle went on the Tricksters tactial errors made the warp energy to sustain the daemons to fade away. The daemons where loosing, and loosing badly thanks to the Trickster!


Sensing a great divine wrath in the far east the daemonettes made a final push forward fueld with the anger of the Angel of Chaos. The cruelty and horror that the daemonettes did that day to the foolish mortals was not of this world. Finaly the mortals laid dead on the field and the battle was a victory, but a close one.


Tz’arkan was not pleased. The travel south had taken much more power that Tz’arkan had tought and it needed rest to further grow in power. It orded the devotees to build more temples to its honor. Geting more worshipers and further spead the touch of Chaos on the surounding lands will surly speed up the process of regaining the power that is needed to crush any pathetic resistence.

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The Floating Pyramid established its new position to the north of the marshlands, a westerly central position in the badlands. Kro-kha made a pact with the wood elves in the north.


With north flank secure, Xla'ata'kha sallied south to aid the empire who are being overrun with daemons and forces of undead tomb kings.


Suddenly, while reinforcing the east line, warriors of chaos poured in. Itz'coatl with his never ending stream of Saurus warriors from the engine of the gods was sent by kro-kha to deflect the threat and protect the mines in the region.


This campaign is now entering the first phase of enemy contact, word is spread and prayers from all lizardmen cities are focused to what is now being called the armies of the thousand Saurus.

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Efter en hård strid emot träd alverna så drev dom heroiska kaos krigarna tillbacks dom till sin hippie skog.

Halfdan tog själv ner generalen och en trädman.

Dvärg borgen kommer inom sin tid bli min.

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The sun stood in its zenith. The undead king watched as his army, the Golden Scourge, marched toward the settlement before them. As one, the entire host stopped when he raised his hand to signal a halt. The king stood upon his chariot and looked with calm contempt at the mining complex that was now a hive of activity as they prepared to defend.


A priest came walking towards the king as fast as his ancient legs would carry him.


"Your majesty", the priest said with slight urgency in his voice, "the barbarians have sent reinforcement to aid in the defence of the mine."

"That is of no concern", said the king calmly without turning to look at the priest, "They are merely brining more lambs to the slaughter."

"I'm afraid I have other news as well. An army of what appears to be Khrokodites is travelling by sea from the north. We risk being attacked from two directions!"

"Send enough soldiers to stall them", replied the king, "but leave most of our force to attack these barbarians that dare to tread upon my land. Let them fear the name of Nekhadizzar!"

"Your will be done, my majesty."


Meanwhile, in cave several miles away near the ocean another priest sat still as if in a trance. Smoke of incense rising on both sides of him. Suddenly, he opened his empty eyes to reveal a single point of light in each socket where the eyeballs once where. A creature slowly took form before him, but distorted, as if it was part smoke. A face similar to a human formed on the creatures head. The creature was as terrible as it was wondrous. The creature spoke to the priest with a voice that would have unsettled a mortal, but the priest felt nothing.


"High Priest Inutep, I have much to tell you..."

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Adressed to my Lord Pheonix King, ruler of Ulthuan.


My king; we have formed a base and settlement in the southern Badlands and begun expanding as planned. We have formed an alliance with the men of the old world, the Lizard people of the south and our cousins settled in Athel Loren. They have proven to be of use to us, taking the brunt of a massed Chaos assault consisting of both mortals and hell-spawned daemons.


I myself is currently leading the assault upon a vile temple, used for the worship of the unclean deities of Chaos. So far the campaign has met little resistance, only stumbling upon a measly army of Chaos warriors lead by a vile hell-spawn that I swiftly banished back into the dark pits it had sprung from. Although we can see the reinforcement army gathering in the south, returning from a direct assault upon our settlements and picking up the scattered remnants of the broken vanguard, tomorrow will be a red day indeed.


But I will fight on and destroy the vile temples or die trying. For I am a son of Ulthuan.


True until death;

Prince Aellon of Caledor.

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Everyone was looking at the dragon far in the distance taking up all the warriors attention. Harald could not believe that in a few hours he was going to fight such a mighty beast and hopefully he himself would claim it for the dark gods. Ulskir the deamon prince lord Ravn’s little pet gave orders to form up and move to meet the army with steel and corruption.


Harald saw when the glorious warriors of chaos smashed the elves to pieces at the left flank and to his right the marauders were actually doing well for the moment. All of a sudden he heard the most terrifying sound in his life and in front of him was the dragon swooping down from the skies to tear them apart.


Harald did not know for how long he fought but when he looked around his brothers where dying. The chosen of Tzeentch were being decimated and the marauders butchered. The dragon and his rider killed his brothers and in the next second Ulskir was fighting them. It was a glorious spectacle for a few moments but then the dragon lifted Ulskir up in his jaws and the deamon was engulfed in flames and disappeared. Harald kept fighting but all of a sudden he felt a stabbing pain in his gut and he fell to the ground hearing the laughter of dark gods with twisted minds and in that moment he knew the battle was lost.

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The Battle of Barak Varr


The old dwarf stronghold and trade city of Barak Varr was now held by Warriors of Khorne – still covered in blood from the old residents. As events turned out, the wood elves pleaded for help to avoid their city be destroyed by this veil force.


The decision was made to make siege and attack the Warriors of Chaos before it was too late. Skink priest Tehetli hasted (as fast as an ancient stegadon could be persuaded) to Itz’coatl. The defending forces were few according to skink spies and they starved badly within the city walls.


Tehetli activated with great ceremonial splendor the engine of the gods a portal to the Floating Pyramid. Saurus Warriors started pouring out, one after another. Hundreds of hundreds of saurus surrounded the walls from the river where only scraps of the abandoned steam boats of the dwarves were left to the rocky side on which the city was build into the mountain.


With a great unanimous roar, well disciplined lizards started overrunning the walls with Itz’coatl and his battle standard bearer foremost. The might of Boq’Quagor [Axe of bloodshed] proved him a slayer of evil indeed. Champions fell, warriors were killed. Around him however the saurus died in droves. Such a many were slayed, the very bodies of the lizards in front hindered the ones at the back from reaching the enemies. The attacks were thus pushed back and forth many times, and while regrouping all too many saurus were buthered by the seemingly unstoppable warriors of Khorne every time. It was as if the gods themselves had gifted each warrior the strength of four.


Tehetli himself vectored the ancient powers of the engine to vaporize the forces of evil. Unfortunately he attracted as much attention the dark sorcerers poured their magic to kill both him and his ancient stegadon. The engine was luckily sent backwards and dragged back by the great kroxigors.


A great army perished at the once impregnable city walls. It would take time spawning the huge number of saurus back to full strength, a new priest must be assigned and learn to activate the portal once more. Itz’coatl protected the pieces of the engine of the gods himself, swearing to destroy the evil forces of Chaos utterly during the next encounter.

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"My lord, I bring news from our headquarters." The sergeant stopped a few stepps from the general and saluted.

Karlich nodded approving towards the sergeant.

"Ah, sergeant Keller. What news do you bring old friend." continued Karlich

"I bring both good news and bad sir."

"Start with the good news please,"

"Well, we have founded a new city called Old Haven that we use as base. And the Emperor have also sent reinforcment to aid our cause."

"Excellent sergeant, who is the commander over the reinforcments?"

"That´s captain Volker sir."

"Hm, Never heard of him before. Well well, bring me the bad news keller."

"We have been invaded by two armiés; A Tomb King to the south-east trying to capture our mines and a foul deamon host to the north-west."

"Send the reinforcment to attack the deamon host."

"yes sir, what about the mines?"

"They have to stand alone, no army is avalable*. Now get to it sergeant."

"Sir, yes sir" The sergeant saluted then left the general.



The battle against the deamon host:

The battle was hard fought, but the men never toke a single stepp back when faced with the enemy. Many heroic actions was presented on the battlefield. Among others was the Silent watch who fought and defeted 2 huge bands of blodletter. Thouge the men fought hard, they couldent stop the foul deamons. They were far to outnumberd and hade to sound a retreat back to Old Haven.

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To his most excellent majesty, King Nekhadizzar II


I must inform you, my king, that an army of northern barbarians have tried to lay siege to your city of Hatwaset in your absence. By the will of the gods and the inherent weakness of these barbarians the siege was lifted. Their army shattered by the reinforcement I called for two days before.


I must, however, also bear the burden of bringing you bad news. While the city was under siege two other armies attacked from the south and the south-west. One of the armies were of the Sea-people described in the scrolls of old, but of the other not much is known. We only know that they favour the bow as a weapon and use living trees in their army. The former took control of the mine near the sea and the latter was driven off by our daemonic servants. I was informed that though the enemy was defeated, they managed to bind the leader of the daemonic army and run off with him. I have sent Necrotect Khephri to give chase.


I will write to you again, my king, when I have more news.


Your faithful servant


High Priest Inutep

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Adressed to my Lord; the Pheonix King, ruler of Ulthuan.


My lord; we have defeated the reinforcements led by the Chaos General Ravn himself. The battle itself was a slaughter, an utter humiliation of the so called Warriors.

The Chaos General himself fled the field after he had issued a challenge and been utterly defeated by non other than myself.


We have begun studying the temple called Stormhenge and are looking for away to soothe the baleful magic and possibly harness it ourselves, but we shall see what will come of it.


We have also sent armies to cull the undead horde rising in the south-western corner of the land. So far we have taken a mine by the sea, through excellent use of tactics by the commander Alpharian. Maybe we'll have use of him after all.

And as I write my most highly respected counselor and dear friend Cael'evar is leading an army to attack the undeads eastern flank as well.


I will write of our success.


Prince Aellon of Caledor, Supreme General of the Asur.

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Month 2


The giant doors to the top chamber of the temple Khaosek opened by an unseen force for Atius, the high priest of the temple. He was nervous but impetious, his god had called for him and he was about to feel the joy of comunicating with this wonderous being of pure Chaos. As the doors finaly stood opened the priest went in.


The top chamber was enormous and could easily fit any Sigmar tempel inside. It was badly lit and the priest could barly make out the back wall and the ceeling of the dome above of the sheer size of the place. He went in with slow and respectfull steps. In the middle of the room there where giant stone steps leading up to a plattform reaching almost 130 feet up and still not reaching half the way to the dome above. The priest started to climb the stairs and during the way up praying to his god silently.


Reaching the plattform at the top he fell down to his knees. Being as high up as he was, the plattform seemed like a floating island in a dark void since he could not make out the floor down below because of the darkness. Hesitating a bit he finaly took word and spoke loudly: “Oh mighty Dhaqhayshneth! My savior from the north and true ruler of the world! Mighty Ones wish is my law, hear my pleadings!”


Silence then fell across the dark temple room. The priest could feel his own heart pumping like a hammer trying to burst threw the chest. All of a sudden bright light burst forth from the top of the back wall of the room. First like a small beam but growed bigger and bigger, lighting up the room more and more for each passing second. Lifting his head to bath in the glory of his god the priest witness what every mortal of his kind would die to see.


The back wall and the ceeling warped away revealing a clear sky coloured by sunset, filled with big pinkish clouds moving silently around the skies center. From the center of the sky, light where shining so bright the priest could barly keep his eyes on it with out burning pain. But there, at the core of the lightsource the priest could almost make out a silhouette of a creature. A feeling of wonder and pure terror came over him and he fell to his knees again and shut his eyes.


The creature spoke with a soft and calm voice, filling the room and the very soul of the priest: “Your god hears you mortal.”

“My savior has called for me and I answered.” Spoke the priest with fear in his voice.

“Yes mortal, that is true. I wish to bless my high priest with my loving power for the completion of the monoliths that have been built by my command.”

“My gratitude is eternal my supreme Master! We did our best to obey. The monoliths are at full strenght to harness the power of Chaos for you to use.”

“Good, very good my mortal minion” said the creature and the light around the silhouette grew more intense.


“I thought my Master also would find the glorious news that more and more people see the beauty that is Chaos and its avatar, to my Masters liking. The temple has been filled with worshipers and more temples are under construction for your supreme glory! Chaos is truly starting to get a firm grip around this land, Paradise is near!”

“So, the mortals have finaly understod that I, Dhaqhayshneth the Supreme, is the rightfull ruler of this world? Very good indeed, but I sense that there is more that needs to be said mortal minion?”

Fear struck the high priest and he hestitated to speak, but managed to get his fear under controll and spoke.

“The attack against the forest elves where a victory as expected Master, but they managed to banish I’aqshyazyr!”


“I thought the elves would love to face the powers of the Casket of Dreams once more! And this is how they show their gratitude, by capturing my herald?” said the silhouette laughing.

“Do not be afraid my little minion.” continued the silhouette and raised its hand with a calming gesture towards the high priest.”As I speak my divine words of wisdom and truth, the undead forces of the old empire is attempting to recapture I’aqshyazyr. I have commanded few of the daemons to help and oversee the undeads in this operation. It should be an easy task for them to slay the enemies of Chaos.”


“Yes of course my supreme Master!” said the priest quick and bowed even lower to show his respect.


“Everything is going as planed. I’aqshyazyr will be freed and let loosed again to spread havoc. The upcoming assult on the mortal town of Old Haven will be a glorous victory in my name. The war is about to start, Paradise is near mortal! Obey me and see!”


And with a flash of light the vision of the god vanished and the room was again dark and silent. After a few moments to regain his strenght the high priest stood up.

“Your every word is our law, Dhaqhayshneth!”

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Adritáll The Scaleborn, High Commander Of The Green Crusade, First Of The Dragonkindred addressing one of his waywatchers, giving him an mission of utmost importance.


- " Spring is coming to it's end and I'm entrusting you with bringing our King and Queen up to date with our accomplishments....and setbacks. When the sun sets you will begin your shadowwalk back to Athel loren."


- " Now this is what you are going to tell them:"

Several forces of "good" have also decended into the badlands and we have made an alliance with them out of mutual interrest.

We have established a city by wich we will direct the crusade into the badlands, the bandit lords of the north call it Scalebark.

When the Singers were done with the city they went north of the city and sang again and a wonderous wizardtower was founded on the pinetree covered hills, with this tower we will have a much better chance of manupiltaing the magical flux of the region into an advantage.


The Dwarfes of Barrak Var were not happy with our presence so close by, and after having to ambush several dwarf patrols whom were wandering into our area we sent a great force to root them out of their stony bastion.

The siege was going as planned untill we almost caught of guard by a huge host of Warriors of Chaos seeking to capture the bastion for their own foul goals.

Aouduníll, whom was leading the siege, had to withdraw all forces from the siege to meet the new threat, shortly after starting the engagement with the enemy however Aouduníll was set on fire by deamonic fireballs and whithout his crucial commanding abilities the the rest of the army soon scattered to the winds.


After claiming the bastion the warriors of chaos headed for our newly founded city, fate looked grimly upon us, but then a gigantic army of lizardmen came to out aid and besieged the former dwarf bastion, succesfully hindering reinforcements from the enemy and thus saving our city.

At the same point in time i, Adritáll, was leading a tactical attack on one of the South Tomb Kings mining complexes, and we would have been successful if not for a host of deamons lead by the annoying, but powerful, Trickster.

Though we tasted defeat that day we managed to capture the Trickstar by elegant use of magic and so after the battle the deamonic army disappeared whitout their crazed general.


Not a long time after our defeat we were ambushed from beneath by a Tomb King army set out on rescuing their allied commander lost in the recent battle.

Though their ambush caught us off guard initally,a heroic victory was won and the undead, utterly destroyed as they was, were returned to the sandy depths from wich they came.


Spring is soon at it's end, but one more battle must be fought before we can celebrate the coming of the summer.

Several miles from my current position is the camp of Halfdan The Fat and his host of Chaos warriors.

They were the cause of the defeat at Barrak Var and tomorrow we will engage them in battle to avenge Aouduníll's burnt bark!


- " This you shall pass on to our King and Queen, now get ready for your journey and may the forest be with you in your steps."

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The second battle for Barak Varr.


Halfdan was surveying the battle field after the puny weak lizardmen tried to take the stronghold.

There were dead lizardmen everywere and their great stegadon layed dead and parts of it was blown off.

Halfdan was smiling when he was thinking back at the glorious battle that had taken place, out numbered 4 to 1 with good odds in favor of the defenders.

The pathetic little magling Halfdan had tasked to carry the powerful trinket called "the infenal puppet" had died to her own stupidity but it matter not becouse there are always more who will died serving the gods.


Halfdan got word that Bergthora won the battle against the tree elfs but could not take the city due to pockets of defenders keeping key locations defended in the city.


All in all it was a good month for The Ever Chaning.

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Karlich studied the unded city from a relativ safe distans as his troops charge the walls. The siege went better than expected and his men took few casualties, for the moment at least. Alredy his men was on the walls and the undeads elit infantry was easyly undone by the lunetics. Ha, this siege will soon over and the city will be razed to the ground. Then disaster struck. A huge relife force consisting of horsemen was heading for the gates. Karlich looked at his knights, easely outnumerd 2 to 1 against the undead horsmen. Karlich cursed silently then raised his sword and pointed it towards the horsmen.


" Knights of Ulric,charge. For Ulric and for the Empire!!"


The ground shook as the knights charge towards the undead abominations. But when Karlich and his men was a few yards away from the undead knights, they suddenly picked up speed. As Karlich saw the horsemen enter the gate, he knew that the battle was lost. He signaled the retreat and toke one finale look towards the city.

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"What news from the east?" the words of Xla'ata'kha, protector of Light, echoed in the head of Kro-kha like thunder.


The reply from the dead Slann was of infinite wisdom, but with a sense of humor despite the extreme unlikeliness: "To flourish is to fall, the mighty fall at last. Death is only the beginning. The plan the old ones have here is shrouded in riddles beyond life and death. A new star is climbing the sky."


"Ah so, we will spawn back the armies. Bring him west. Spare his hate towards the foul warriors. Use the time to strengthen our position, construct more mines and restore the engine. Now, where can I find a skink priest that can be... spared?"

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Argan was enormous a giant in thick blood red plate covered in dried blood with a sword as big as a man and a shield which could probably split a dragons skull. He sat on top his horse a large beast with the colour of dried blood snorting furiously. Argan the blooded they called this giant of a man who filled Jurgen with dread and he was angry.


The battle against the elves had gone bad, terrible in fact, the chaos forces had outnumbered the elves and lead by the mighty Ravn Stormhand riding his fearsome manticore they could surely not lose. But they had and a mighty victory it had been for the elves and worst of all Jurgen saw with his own eyes when his great lord was bested by the elven lord on top his dragon and then how Ravn fled the battlefield. As his lord fled Jurgen could hear the dark gods cursing his cowardice. All Jurgen could do then was to run and so he did and somehow he and his brothers managed to get themselves alive to Argan’s camp.


Now Jurgen wished he had died on that battlefield with honour because he knew Argan would soon kill him he could see it in the Khorne lord’s gaze. He did not see when Argan drew his sword but all of a sudden there it was and Argan himself silent like the grave. The others tried to fight back but to no avail he just cut them down right where they stood his sword going thru sword, armour, flesh and bone. Then it was Jurgens turn and Argan stopped and just looked at him. Jurgen dropped his sword and shield and held his arms out from his body and raising his chin high to look at the dark sky. There was no indication, no sound of the blade coming at him but there his body was several foot underneath him, headless. Everything darkened and the only sound existing was the laughter of a twisted god.

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